Timing Cover '52-'57

Cast Aluminum Timing Cover - DeSoto ('52 -'57)


Alternator and A/C Brackets sold separately.

This cover fits under SB Chevy water pumps and has alternator or accessories mounting bosses on lower end which are machined to accept our drive accessories.
To make it more user friendly, we've added a timing pointer, reliefs for water pump backplate bolts, reinforced accessory mounting bosses, concealed dowel pin holes and a fully machined oil pan gasket surface. In addition to these useful features the edges have large radius for a nostalgic look.
This cover has no provision for mechanical fuel pump and requires a short snout cam that is standard on '56-'58 motors.
Available in cast satin or polished finish. CAM washer and SS installation bolts included. (Gaskets sold seperately)
P/N 20212 DeSoto ('52-'57) - Satin $ 209.95
P/N 20212P DeSoto ('52-'57) - Polished $ 279.95

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