Hemi to Chevy Manual

Hemi to Chevy Manual Transmission Adapter
Chrysler, Dodge, DeSoto

Hemi to Chevy Manual Transmission Adapters Our Hemi to manual bell housing adapter is complete and includes our full radius, hardened aluminum bell housing adapter, custom flywheel with pilot adapter, and late model ring gear. The kit includes flywheel and adapter hardware and accepts the late model Mopar starter #29185. Kit is designed for a 10 1/2 inch borg and beck bolt pattern. A bell housing designed for 10 1/2 inch is required. when using the passenger side starter the #20101 vertical oil adaptor will not work.
P/N 26100 Chevy Manual with Aluminum Flywheel SFI approved $ 753.00
P/N 26200 Chevy Manual with Steel Flywheel SFI approved $ 653.00

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